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17″ oro linijų patvirtintas naminių gyvūnėlių krepšys (pilkas)

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Kurdami kiekvieną gaminį nepamirštame savo pūkuotų draugų. Komfortas, patogumas ir stilius visada yra svarbiausi gaminio prioritetai. Šis oro linijų krepšys turi daugybę funkcijų:

  • Stylish:Top loaded soft pet carrier bags for cats and dogs. 17″ Long, 11″ Wide and 11″ Height give great space for your small pets
  • Ready to fly:Our pet carrier is perfect for taking your dog, cat, or other small pet on the go. This soft cat carrier is approved for use on most airlines and features travel-friendly connecting handles for easy transport.
  • Easy load and escape proof:To avoid a struggle when trying to place your fur baby inside the pet bag, we made things simple! There are openings at the top of the dog carrier as well as the sides, and the internal leash keeps your pet in place.
  • Adjustable straps:The cat carrier bag has a detachable shoulder strap that can be shortened or lengthened to meet your needs. The adjustable strap of the pet travel carrier is also padded for your comfort while carrying your pet.
  • Soft and cozy:Your furry little loved one can ride in comfort in this dog carry bag! The inside of the soft pet carrier features a 3 layers mat for your pet to lay on. There is a wooden layer, a foam layer, and a woolen mat for cushion and comfort.
  • Easy Care:The pet carrier for cats and dogs is simple to keep in good shape. When not in use, the pet bag can be folded and stored out of the way. If your pet makes a mess in the cat carrier, wipe it quickly then gently machine wash the bag.
  • Precautions:Supervise pet in carrier. Airline approved; restrictions apply for Guaranteed on Board program. Please contact your airline prior to booking a flight to ensure this pet carrier meets their specific requirements.
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