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Meteor Mex 22610 motoroleris

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Liko 311

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  • Our scooter is the perfect choice for those who want to quickly and comfortably get to school, work or simply relax while riding. It is an ideal choice for older children, but also for adults who value freedom and ease.
  • The vehicle is made of the highest quality aluminum, which makes it durable and light.
  • All connecting and securing screws are made of steel, which guarantees the strength of the connections.
  • The steering wheel is equipped with rubber grips ensuring a secure grip.
  • The large and low platform makes it easy to balance.
  • This means that even novice users will be able to handle our scooter.
  • Huge wheels and high-quality bearings increase stability, smoothness and driving safety.
  • If you want to travel fast and if riding pleasure and comfort are important to you, the Meteor Mex scooter will be a great choice.
  • In addition, the vehicle is equipped with fenders to protect against splashing, if you are surprised by rain while driving.
  • The rear fender will also act as a brake.
  • The unique design and high-quality workmanship will satisfy the most demanding users.
  • When you decide to buy our scooter, you get a durable, easy to use, unusual and elegant product.
  • The Meteor Mex scooter is also a perfect gift choice.

Standard: PN-EN 14619: 2019-11E


Medžiaga: Aluminum
Wheel diameter: 20 cm
Bearings: ABEC 7
Rankenos: Guma
Handles diameter: 3 cm
Handlebar width: 49 cm
Platform dimensions: 53 cm x 12 cm
Height: no regulation
Height (from the floor): 97 cm
Height (from the platform): 88 cm
Svoris: 9.1 kg net
Maximum user weight: 100 kg
Package: Cardboard box
Size of the package: 91.5 x 12.5 x (47-22) cm
Brake: Foot on the rear wheel


    • Wrenches for assembly
    • Instruction.


Svoris 9.10 kg


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