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WISH badmintono rakečių rinkinys 14-10-023

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The Alumtec 317K WISH badminton racket set is designed for beginners and recreational players. The steel-aluminum construction significantly improves the stability and durability of the rocket, and greater impact control and their precision is guaranteed by the ISODYNAMIC technology used. The composition of the materials used also affects the lightness and flexibility of the rocket, which has a direct impact on the quality and comfort of the game.

ISODYNAMIC – this term defines the characteristic shape of the rocket head, which The sweet spot, i.e. the central tensioning field ensuring optimal aileron hit, is 32% larger than a traditional rocket.

The extremely slim shape of the Alumtec 317K rockets reduces air resistance, and thus increases the overall power and efficiency of the game.

    • Material: steel + aluminum
    • Length: 66.5 cm
    • Weight: 105 g
    • Tension: 8.16 – 9 kg (18-20 lbs)
    • Handle thickness: G3
    • The kit includes:
        • Rocket: 2 pcs
        • Cover: full
    • Not intended for commercial use
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